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Ayoba Resources

checkout the ayoba resources here: https://tadhack.mtn.co.za/ayoba/

Ayoba is a free messaging app for your Android mobile phone. It is currently available to users world-wide, however, users on some networks, like MTN are able to make use of Ayoba without any data charges!

Introducing Ayoba MicroApps! MicroApps are single purpose and cross-platform apps designed to support a single step in a user’s workflow.

In contrast to full-blown mobile apps, MicroApps are lightweight apps within a container that perform one single task — and do so seamlessly, with little friction.

MicroApps are self-sufficient and can be independently deployed and tested. They can be deployed dynamically without going through an App Store approval process and downloading/updating apps. Access restrictions are applied to restrict who can access what MicroApps, and what information from the main App users is delivered.

The Challenge: From the start, ayoba’s vision has been to provide a localised experience, supported by services that are relevant to local users. While ayoba already provides some of that localised experience, the app platform that we’re launching represents a huge opportunity for local talent to develop applications that reflect local cultures and local values, and that address local challenges, while benefiting the broader ayoba community.

In the last decade, it has been made clear that the thirst for quality gaming in Africa is much larger than most would think. Africa is quickly catching up as talented game developers pop up all over the continent, ready to become part of the international world of gaming.

With Ayoba’s support for games and free data, we are looking for African developers to rise up and produce local games for local tastes.

Winners of the Ayoba Challenge will be awarded:

R30 000 1st Prize R15 000 2nd Prize R10 000 3rd Prize R5 000 Technical and business support App publishing and promotion opportunities on Ayoba Consideration for entry to the Solution Space E-track incubation program Criteria:

Impact – creating a local gaming experience Resourcefulness – How well did they use the resources provided to them User Centricity – Checking that it designed it in a way that involves the user (user friendly) Simplicity – How elegant is the solution Wow Factor – Did they blow your socks off? Security – is it secure and safe? Required to build a MicroApp:

Basic knowledge of HTML, JavaScript and CSS Beneficial to know (or learn) how to use GIT More info on the platform and API can be found here and Terms and Conditions specific to this challenge can be found here.

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