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TCS Kanadia Chatbot is an Artificial Intelligence based conversational system designed to simulate how a human would behave as a conversational partner. Chatbots can serve various purposes. Here we are using the TCS Knadia chatbot as a Virtual Assistant to help with user's queries. Various themes are also available to customize the look and feel of the conversational user experience window, both for desktop and mobile devices. Contact developers provided below for more information. KNADIA Chatbot Rest API

TCS 3i’s Support ( Ideation, Innovation and Implementation) Accelerating your innovation 1. Assistance to the developers in Accelerating the Website development 2. Expertise help on Angular/CSS3/HTML5/Java technologies 3. Leverage Pre-developed website themes(e-commerce, Finance..etc)

Connecting Rest APIs to your Ideas 1. Assistance to the developers on rest API development/Integrations 2. Entity modelling on Cloud Pre-installed DB 3. APIs to perform CURD operations on Cloud DB entities(eg.Cust,Employee..etc) 4. Eg: API http:/

Enhancing Customer Experience - UI/UX Designs 1. UI/UX designs support for Website and Mobile App 2. Wireframes/Visual Design assistance 3. Prototypes validation

Intuitive Mobile App…. 1. Assistance to the developers in Accelerating the Mobile App development 2. Accelerating the idea of Connecting Rest APIs from the Mobile APP 3. Leverage Pre-developed Mobile App themes(e-commerce, Finance..etc)

Developer Team Mani Jami (0730911136 , mani.jami@mtn.com) Arindam Ghosh (0732382361, Arindam.ghosh@mtn.com) Skand Khanduri (0738428560, skand.khanduri@mtn.com) Dharmesh Tiwari (0789541680, Dharmesh.tiwari@mtn.com) Subhangi Silla (0730393927, Subhangi.silla@mtn.com) Mukunda Patil (0732344940, Mukunda.patil@mtn.com) Anurag Singh( 0640224930, Anurag.singh@mtn.com) Chiranjit Jasu (0626992860, Chiranjit.jasu@mtn.com) Brijmohan Mahulkar (0620636776, Brijmohan.Mahukar@mtn.com) Tamsheel Khan (08630697955, Tamsheel.khan@mtn.com) Tanika Kohli (0625923655, Tanika.kohli@mtn.com)

For More details, please refer https://tinyurl.com/y2ckb7h3

TCS Resource Information

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